Source code for valuta.scaffolding

import csv
import os.path

from .helpers import project_dir

__author__ = "Artur Barseghyan"
__copyright__ = "2021 Artur Barseghyan"
__license__ = "GPL-2.0-only OR LGPL-2.1-or-later"
__all__ = (

[docs]def generate_contents( iso_code: str, number_to_basic: str, currency: str, ) -> str: """Generate the contents for the given currency.""" return f'''from ..base import BaseCurrency __author__ = "Artur Barseghyan" __copyright__ = "2021 Artur Barseghyan" __license__ = "GPL-2.0-only OR LGPL-2.1-or-later" __all__ = ("{iso_code}",) class {iso_code}(BaseCurrency): """{iso_code} - {currency}.""" uid: str = "{iso_code}" rate: int = {number_to_basic} '''
[docs]def read_csv_and_write_output( in_file: str = "list_of_circulating_currencies.csv", out_dir: str = "currencies", skip_first_line: bool = False, ) -> str: """Read CSV.""" if not os.path.isabs(in_file): in_file = project_dir(in_file) if not os.path.isabs(out_dir): out_dir = project_dir(out_dir) processed = set([]) with open(in_file) as csv_file: reader = csv.reader(csv_file) if skip_first_line: next(reader) for row in reader: currency = row[1].strip() iso_code = row[3].strip() number_to_basic = row[5].strip() if "none" in iso_code: continue if "none" in number_to_basic: number_to_basic = "1" iso_code = iso_code[:3] if iso_code not in processed: contents = generate_contents( iso_code, number_to_basic, currency ) with open(f"{out_dir}/{iso_code.lower()}.py", "w") as output: output.write(contents) processed.add(iso_code) return out_dir